Our fire extinguisher services comply with local and state fire code.  Call on us to service your extinguishers and have the current inspection tag placed on your extinguisher.  We also provide recharges, testing as required, parts, brackets and installation.  Our mobile van service can come right to your door and provide the necessary service by our licensed fire extinguisher service technicians. 

Dry chemical fire extinguishers

2 1/2-lb ABC with vehicle strap bracket  
5-lb ABC with wall hook  
5-lb ABC with vehicle strap bracket
10-lb ABC with wall hook  
20-lb ABC with wall hook  

** includes inspection tag good for 1 year and a wall hook to mount 

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We have all types of fire extinguishers for every need you might have:

ABC, BC, Purple K dry chemical
CO2 extinguishers
Water & Water Mist
Clean Agent 
"K" class for commercial cooking operations 
Large industrial wheeled units





WATER UNIT  $195.00









There are so many different brackets that mainly fit the specific manufacturers extinguisher that you will need to know brand and size in order to properly choose the correct bracket.  Call on the professionals here at General Fire & Safety and we can assist you with whatever need you may have.


The Amerex 860 Fire Extinguisher Bracket features a heavy duty rubber strap and is designed to work with most 2.5 lb. and 5 lb. portable fire extinguishers in a variety of applications. Amerex fire extinguisher brackets are quality manufactured of steel with a primed and powder coated paint finish. The painted red finish assures many years of use and meets UL salt spray requirements.  

Model 860 fits 2 1/2 -lb ABC to 5-lb ABC extinguishers.  Model 862 fits 5-10 lb ABC units and the model 864 fits 20-lb ABC units 

809 or 810 brkt

#807 Hvy duty vehicle bracket  5-lb extinguisher- 

#809 Hvy duty vehicle bracket 10-lb extinguisher - 

#810 Hvy duty vehicle bracket 20-lb extinguisher - 

818 5lb brkt

#818 - 5-lb lightweight vehicle bracket 


Extinguisher covers

XT58 - 5 to 10-lb units  $18.00

XT8 - 15 to 30-lb units $22.00

Large with window $25.00









Our fast and friendly service techs will come to your location to service your extinguishers, call on us to set up an appointment today.