Eyewash stations and maintaining them

A customer recently contacted us about his company eyewash stations and what he needed to do in order to maintain them.  He had a big inspection coming up and admitted he really didn’t look at these units much and wasn’t sure what needed to be done.  He had the brand that came with 2 yr shelf life saline cartridges so other than checking the units and making sure they are not leaking, there isn’t much more that needs to be done.  The other type with water in them needs to be changed out every six months and an additive poured in to the water to keep the water from going bad.  Both units would need cleaning and flow rate checked to insure they are operating properly.  On units that are connected to water lines, those can be flowed regularly to insure that water is flowing as the unit is designed, just make sure you have a drain or a container to catch all that water.  For more on how to maintain a specific unit, please contact us here at General Fire & Safety and we’d be happy to visit with you about eyewash stations as they pertain to your specific set up.