Security Systems – peace of mind

We recently updated our own security system here at the office to make sure all of our facility was adequately covered just to make sure that we were covered in the rare event something happened.  We actually put in an updated panel that gives us much more capability to access the system remotely, see any signals, see access of codes for different employees coming and going after hours, and controlling things like lights and HVAC.  For us, we wanted our doors protected just in the event one was accessed when it wasn’t supposed to be.  We did put up a couple motion detectors as well and used the ones that don’t pick up small animals and such just in case something got in and snuck around during the night looking for crumbs.    We provide monitoring also through our UL Listed monitoring center at very competitive prices.   Cameras also can be added to the system to give us views of the office/whse area as well as outside if we so desire.  We’d welcome the opportunity to work with anyone on installing equipment or updating their existing should the need ever arise, please call on us here at General Fire & Safety, we’d love to hear from you.   515.265.3206

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