Kitchen exhaust grease removal (hood cleaning)

Our Bare Metal Standard Division has been going gang busters lately and picking up new business all over the metro and surrounding communities every month. We offer a unique and code compliant service that far exceeds that of the competition. We have no “inaccessible areas” unlike that of most of the competition around. Our proprietary, patent pending system allows us to clean ALL of an exhaust system from roof top fan unit through the exhaust and all the way down to the hood. Now you would think that a simple thing to do but when you add in horizontal runs with turns…thats when the other guys have issue. Our system can pull itself through the duct system either going up or coming down with no problem. We will make your exhaust system fire code compliant when you have our Bare Metal Standard team out to service your system. Call on us and we’ll have some of the folks from our team out to see you that includes Troy, Kevin, Don, Andrew, Keith, Bruce or Gerod to visit you and go over a plan to remove that hazardous grease from your system. Call on us anytime at 515.265.3206

Before and after pictures of a roof top fan unit

fan unit greasy   fan clean 

Grease build up on any nozzles, filters or hood is required to be cleaned, and our process will get that down to bare metal…just like our name.

nozzle greasy  filter greasybefore-after duct