New year and fire inspections

We have had a few calls this year on when fire inspections are needing conducted.  I told the customers that annually,  fire alarm, sprinkler and extinguishers would need serviced and inspected at minimum depending on their type of occupancy.  Restaurant systems are twice per year.  The customers thought that since it was now 2017 that they had to have the fire equipment tags updated but I told them that this is not the case.  Fire inspection take place all throughout the year and that the inspection schedule went from the time that was punched out on their latest inspection tag.  So for example if your extinguishers were done in May of 2016, you would not be due until May of 2017.  The only difference is kitchen restaurant systems that are done twice per year, so if the same inspection date at a restaurant was May 2016, then the system would also need done in November of 2016 and then again in May 2017.   If you have some regulatory requirement for quarterly inspections like a nursing home type set up then you could have even more inspections than just the once or twice per year.  Most of those type of facilities already know what their requirements are.   Should you ever have questions on these fire inspections, or any other fire and safety related item, please feel free to contact us at 515-265-3206 or just email us at