Security alarms and cameras to protect your facility

Among the many fire safety related items we here at General Fire & Safety provide, we also provide fire alarm and security alarm systems, monitoring and cameras to protect your assets and employees.  Our security alarms can include door contact, window breaks, motion detectors and panic buttons/hold up buttons.  We have available cameras of all sizes and types to be mounted in door, outdoor and wherever you may need.   Our particular set up, as we will show here also, includes 8 cameras in and around our facility, tied into a monitor int he office and can also be viewed via the internet on any computer you may be able to access, as well as an app on your smartphone or other such as an Ipad.  The different DVRs can record for many days and reviewed as needed in the event that something occurs and you need to go and see.  We had an issue of a vehicle license plate stolen and we were able to see the next day what occurred and who did it which helped the police to finding the offender.   Recently one of our cameras caught a hit and run at the intersection by our office and that information was given to the police and insurance company in order to help them find the driver of the vehicle that left the scene.  Regardless of you need and your set up, we can assist in setting up a system the will work best for you and we can install the equipment, train you and or your staff in how to use it and then provide maintenance and up keep as needed in the future.  Please call on us here at General Fire & Safety at 515.265.3206 or send us and email at  We are eager to answer any question you may have and assist you with any need.

Ofc cam
This camera views our office entrance and the front lobby area
South whse cam
This camera mounted on the warehouse views our south dock and parking area
Front entry cam
This camera views our entrance and front parking area
Front lot cam looking south
This camera views from the north end of the bldg and shows the front entrance and parking
south dock bldg cam
This camera shows the view of our south parking and south dock


monitor pic
Our monitor that shows all the camera feeds. You can also access this through a secure website on any computer you so choose to look at anytime an anyplace.
smart phone app
The app view from your smart phone will allow you to see all cameras at once, or isolate a particular camera and then also zoom in for better view.