Restaurant exhaust system fires on the rise

There have been many fires reported around the country that have been attributed to grease that ignites in the exhaust duct that runs to the roof top fan unit.  Our Bare Metal Standard franchise that removes this hazardous grease from such has taken off and we are adding another service truck to our fleet for just such services.  Through education with the property manager and showing them  how hazardous some of their systems have become, our Bare Metal Standard team here has seen tremendous growth.  The difference in what we can do with our equipment and the technology we posses far outweighs what most others can do.  With some of the new clients we have picked up lately, this would only go to prove that many restaurants are now understanding the seriousness of having that hazardous grease removed and that just having the hood part they can see shined up, is not fire code compliance or FIRE SAFE for their employees, the patrons that support their business or the protection of their building.  We will show some pictures below of a few locations that were tagged as compliant but were in fact, fire hazards just waiting to ignite.  We encourage all restaurants to ensure that whomever does their exhaust (hood) cleaning, make sure that the entire system has the grease removed, whether a horizontal or vertical run, and that no areas are left inaccessible.  Fire code does not allow for “area to be inaccessible” and if your vendor is in the business of grease removal to comply with fire code, they need to protect the restaurant and do the work required.


fan unit greasy BK SE 14 Char Down (002) BK SE 14 Fyer Fan (002)
BK SE14 Fryer Up (002) ISLA del Pacifico Dec 2017 nozzle greasy
duct greasy


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