Hood Cleaning


 We have found lately that there is an increase in fan unit failures or damage due to lack of maintenance on the units.  Major causes of damage, repairs and replacement of fan units stems from the lack of regular grease removal from the exhaust system.

The “hood exhaust system”, according to fire code,  is required grease removal at intervals of every six months, and quarterly for other appliances such as Wok’s or Char grills.

  • State and local fire code requires your hood exhaust system to be cleaned per IFC 609.3.3. and NFPA 96, 11.6


General Fire & Safety provides you with expert fire system services now and can provide you with grease removal cleaning services to comply with all State and local fire code as well.  Let the experts provide this service to you and keep your fire system in top operating condition.


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Troy McCann
Exhaust Cleaning Division