Amerex fire extinguishers









Our Amerex brand fire extinguishers offer a wide variety of sizes and types of extinguishers.  Most are in stock and ready for you to put in place for use.

Choose from the following types of extinguisher:

  1. ABC dry chemical units (good for all types of fires)
  2. BC dry chemical (best for fuel or food operations)
  3. PK dry chemicals (best for fuel operations)
  4. CO2 (best for fuels and electrical)
  5. Water (best for wood, paper and normal combustibles)  ONLY extinguisher that should be used with swim pool operations
  6. Clean agent and Water mist used for sensitive equipment locations
  7. K class extinguishers required in kitchen restaurant cooking operations in conjunction with a fire suppression system
  8. Class D – used for battery recharge stations and burning metals

Amerex fire extinguisher with copper, 30 lbs, type D,for lithium firesK-Class Kitchen Extinguisher - Amerex Model B260 JPG