Bloodborn Pathogen

bbp kit

Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

1910.1030 (d)(3) Bloodborne Pathogens – OSHA says: “Employers must provide protective equipment, including but not limited to gloves, gown, mask, eye protection and a mouth-to-mouthbarrier when there is occupational exposure”. Unlike most other kits, ours has separate eye and mouth protection to maintain safety when giving CPR. Unique scoop bag for safe, easy clean up. Complete instructions and contents list. 1 – #903X – Absorbent Powder-99 (2 oz.), Scraper and Gloves 1 – #904X – Biohazard Bag, Antiseptic, Antimicrobial and Certi-Green Towelettes 1 – #810X – CPRotector-2000 w/Gloves 1 – #902X – Eye Shield, Mask and Gloves 1 – #901X – Gown (full length, long sleeve) and Cap 1 – #SBB-2 Scoop Bag with Handle Scraper


BBP can

Biohazardous Waste Can

Eagle BioHazardous Poly Waste Cans are constructed of red high density polyethylene (HDPE) and offer safe temporary storage of potential biohazards. BIOHAZARDOUS sticker on the front to advise workers of potential biohazards and meet OSHA requirements for exposures to blood borne pathogens.

Will not rust or dent, are resistant to most chemical compounds, have no seam for a leak proof construction, and feature self-closing lid with foot lever and with a flared base for added stability. FM Approved. 100 percent designed and manufactured in the USA.

6 Gallon 

10 Gallon 

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