Fire Alarms and Security Systems


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Fire Alarm Systems

General Fire and Safety provides sales and service on new and existing fire alarm systems.

Whether it’s for the annual inspection of your fire alarm system or that you are just experiencing some troubling issue, General Fire & Safety has licensed fire alarm technicians with NICET or ESA certifications that can come to your site and take care of the inspection or whatever issue you may have.  We offer 24/7 service to ensure your equipment is operating properly and protecting the lives of those employees, tenants, or patrons that may be there.

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Life Safety Fire Monitoring

We know that life safety is the basis for fire monitoring. We offer complete fire protection services for our customers.

General Fire & Safety offers dispatch upon receipt of a fire alarm signal and customizable notification on troubles, supervisories, and missed timer tests. Signals are received on our dedicated UL receivers, meeting UL standards for alarm signal traffic management. We strictly follow NFPA 72 Guidelines for fire accounts ensuring best practices are followed. Specially trained UL certified operators and support representatives handle UL Fire accounts and comply with the local AHJ. We serve our customers with extensively trained operators who are ready to assist with signaling for burglary, various fire systems, panic, hold-up, low battery and a/c power failure on fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, suppression systems, burglary, and elevator emergency.





Free Estimate Fire Alarm Systems

Our staff can quote any new or remodel of existing fire alarm system to comply with local and state fire code.

  • Conventional Fire Alarm systems
  • Addressable Fire Alarm systems
  • Wireless fire alarm systems
  • Blue print plans to the local AHJ
  • Monitoring of systems (Landline/Cellular/Internet)

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Security Systems


Security Systems

Our staff can quote any new or remodel of existing Security Systems

  • Alarm panel can be monitored for call out to police
  • Protect door and windows with contacts
  • Motion detectors to alarm if any movement in an area
  • Monitoring of system via our monitoring center