Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

20-lb CATO Cabinet plastic

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20-lb CATO Cabinet plastic


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CATO surface mount fire extinguisher cabinet for 20-lb fire extinguishers. Break plastic front panel.   Made in the U.S.A. Cannot rust, No sharp corners, No glass to shatter, Pitched drainage, Natural ventilation, Dent-proof, Lower freight cost, Less storage space, Easily cleaned, No padlock required, High-density injection molded, Easy replacement of lens or lock/frame assembly as needed.  HIGHLIGHTS: Cylinder lock with key,  Red or white injection-molded plastic, hammer with flexible torsion and ribbed grip. Stainless steel clear nylon jacketed mechanical cable, Grid-scored, UV-resistant break panel for improved emergency access. UV-resistant labels, Protective frame, Lower maintenance cost.  Order in red or white.

Category: Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets
Sub-Category: Cabinets for Extinguishers
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