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32-001050-00 – PureFlow 1000 Saline Solution

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32-001050-00 - PureFlow 1000 Saline Solution

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The purified, contaminant-free, and physiologically correct saline solution from factory-sealed cartridges. Does not require costly plumbing. Provides a constant fluid flow rate and stream height for the entire 15-minute flushing period required by ANSI Z358.1. Factory-sealed cartridges last up to 24 months,* at least four times longer than other primary self-contained eyewash devices. Saline Cartridges (2) - Trilingual Fendall Pure Flow 1000 Saline Cartridges - Tri-lingual (15 minutes) Case Qty: 1 set of 2 Case Dimensions: 21in x 13 in x 12 in Case Weight (lbs): 69 Shelf life of 2 years with this product and then it is replaced.

Category: Safety Equipment
Sub-Category: Eyewash Stations