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5-lb CleanGuard Extinguisher – Ansul

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5-lb CleanGuard Extinguisher - Ansul

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Product Description:  Choose clean, electrically nonconductive, environment-friendly DuPont FE-36® clean-agent fire suppression for computer centers, control rooms, museums, laboratories and more. Each extinguisher passes rigorous quality-control tests specifically designed to challenge all performance areas. Glare-resistant mylar label features step-by-step, illustrated fire-control instructions as well as important hazard class, recharge, maintenance and inspection details. Large, color-coded pressure gauge enables at-a-glance charge checks. Corrosion- and impact-resistant valve assembly and rugged all-steel pickup tube ensure reliable operation. Ultra-strong, seamless canister with smooth, high-integrity MIG-welded collar and bottom delivers maximum strength and durability. FE09: 18.75h x 9dia Material(s): Aluminum Cylinder; DuPont® FE-36TM; Fire Class: A:Combustibles/B:Flammable Liquids/C:Live Electrical Equipment; UL Rating: 5BC.  Additional fees apply for shipping on this product.

Category: Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets