8200 - Rope Lifeline, 100ft Fall Tech

8200 – Rope Lifeline, 100ft Fall Tech

8200 - Rope Lifeline, 100ft Fall Tech-image

8200 - Rope Lifeline, 100ft Fall Tech

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The 100-Foot Vertical Lifeline with Snap Hook and Taped End is constructed with 5/8-inch, 3-strand polyester rope. The polyester rope has a tensile strength of 8,500 pounds. Features a double-locking snap hook and steel thimble at the anchorage end, and a taped termination at the trailing end. This VLL features superior resistance to abrasion and UV light, exceptional hockle resistance, as well as a five-tuck splice for superior strength and safety. The exclusive steel thimble resists wear and extends the life of the line, while the protective PVC shrink tubing protects the spliced end. FallTech definitely goes the extra mile in the construction of Vertical Lifelines. Our ropes exceed the industry standards for tensile strength and resist the effects of the elements and the hazards of the Jobsite. We always use 5-tuck splices, even though ANSI only requires 4, just to ensure that our Vertical Lifelines are a little better than the rest. FallTech vertical lifelines are constructed of premium grade 8200-pound filament and spun polyester over a polyolefin core that provides low elongation and long wear life, abrasion, UV and chemical resistance, and yet stays flexible and renders sure grip and glide through our rope grabs. All FallTech Lifelines meet or exceed all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards.

Also available in 50ft

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