Cell Dialer, NAPCO Starlink

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Cell Dialer, NAPCO Starlink


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No phone lines available or wanted at your site, or have digital lines or you have the internet on your lines???  Then a cell dialer is a perfect option for you!

A cell dialer and the service is cheaper than the 2 landlines that you need for monitoring.   Works on any panel.   Universal full event sole & dual-path cellular &/or IP alarm reporting from any panel brand, virtually anywhere.   Dependable, full data reporting to any Central Station nationwide, field-proven reliable, over 5-Million Times/Day (5,000,000+ StarLink alarm and supervisory signals are sent through the UL Napco Network Operations Center every 24 hours).    Connected on Verizons CAT1 extensively-deployed, cyber-protected multi-billion dollar network.   COMPLIANCES: UL1610, UL985, UL1023, UL1635.   Typical installation is @ 2 hrs. (installation not included)

Category: Fire Alarm
Sub-Category: Communicators
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