Industrial / Paint Booth Suppression System Inspection

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Industrial / Paint Booth Suppression System Inspection

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Paintbooth fire suppression protection is achieved with this Amerex Industrial Fire Suppression System.  We provide new system installation as well as performing the required inspections and testing of your industrial paintbooth suppression system in accordance with the requirements of your insurance company and local fire authorities. These systems are required semi-annually to ensure proper operations and change out of the fuse links.   Our technicians are trained and certified in order to provide these products and system services through the State of Iowa and local fire authorities.   We continually attend training from industry leaders to ensure we are aware of the latest technology to provide you with the best service to your critical fire fighting equipment.   Call on us to discuss your fire system.

Category: Fire Suppression
Sub-Category: Clean Room/Data Center/Server Rooms Fire Suppression/Paint Booths
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