Emergency and Exit Lighting



Exit light to meet building and fire code to mark the EXIT door from a building.  Modern LED Exit sign available with standard 6″ EXIT lettering. UL Listed. Includes backup battery, works on either 120 or 277 VAC. The faceplate includes knock-out left/right arrows. Allows top, lateral, or flush mount installation. The fixture is 1 or 2 sided.

LED exit signs are ideal for architectural applications, providing superior aesthetics along with flexible in-field installation. The injection-molded acrylic panels are highly polished to provide uniform light distribution and are available single or double-sided. Double-sided versions feature a mirrored divider. Housings are available for surface or recessed mounting, fixed or rotating panel, and feature a decorative thermoplastic or aluminum housing. Directional chevrons are included with every fixture and can be easily applied in the field. Each exit sign comes with dual-voltage input for 120V or 277V AC operation. Our edge-lit exit signs are also available with emergency backup featuring a test switch, status indicator, and backup battery providing 90 minutes of emergency power.

emergency light1


Emergency lights will illuminate the egress path in a power outage emergency situation, showing the pathway for egress from the building.

Low voltage halogen lamps are featured in this high-capacity emergency lighting unit. White polycarbonate housing with a UL 94 VO flame rating offers durability and a snap-together design allows for fast installation.

Self-testing is standard. The unit continuously monitors for battery disconnection, charger failure, lamp failure, and transformer failure. A battery discharge test is performed automatically for 1 minute every month, 30 minutes every 6 months, and 90 minutes annually. The LED indicator will then signal status with a green or red light.

combo light


Combination EXIT and EMERGENCY LIGHT shows the exit door and the lights the egress path.

National safety regulations require that all exit signs and emergency lights with battery backup be tested for functionality once every 28 days for five minutes and 90 minutes every six months. Testing can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially in facilities or locations with a large number of installed signs. Self-testing exit signs and emergency lights automate much of the process. A simple walk-through to assess a unit’s LED status indicators will suffice.

General Fire offers a wide variety of self-testing exit signs, emergency lights, and exit sign/emergency light combos to save you time and money without sacrificing aesthetics, durability, or functionality.

GENERAL FIRE & SAFETY provides service and installation on these emergency lights.  Call on us to come to your site for service/repair of lights that may not be operating properly.  We can replace bulbs, LEDs, batteries, or the entire light as may be needed.  Testing of the lights is required per fire code to ensure these units are in operating condition should they ever be needed in an emergency situation.

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