Special Hazards

Ecaro logo Clean agent system – when water or dry chemical systems simply won’t suffice
Ecaro cyl Water-based fire suppression systems (sprinklers) are designed to protect people and structures. But when it comes to protecting high value machinery, computers and other electronic equipment, water can be more damaging than the fire itself. An ECARO-25®clean agent fire suppression system is the superior, cost-effective choice for protecting electronics and high-value assets – reducing the threat of needless downtime and business interruption.


  • Computer rooms
  • Telecommunication centers
  • Records and data archives
  • Reference material
  • Clean rooms
  • Control rooms
  • Media storage



from Amerex


The Amerex “IS” system uses our exclusive ABC (Model 555) dry chemical. ABC dry chemical suppresses more fire, by volume, than any other agent, has quick flame “knock-down” and can help to secure Class A fires against re-ignition. Since many hazards involve a variety of fuel sources, our ABC dry chemical, with protection against Class A (wood, paper, pulp), Class B (flammable liquids) and Class C (live electrical equipment) is the agent that is be st suited for most Industrial hazards


Amerex IS sys
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