Our regular daily services include fire extinguisher service, fire alarm system services and kitchen fire suppression system inspections.  All mandated by fire code, insurance requirement, OSHA regulations and manufacturer requirements.  Its not uncommon to come across issues of one type or another but some more serious than others.  Whether it be an extinguisher that has lost pressure or even one that got used and no one called to have it recharged, to a fire alarm system with some trouble or a device that had been locked into an alarm and never serviced or reset.  One of the more serious can be a kitchen fire suppression system that the cylinder has lost pressure.  We don’t find this regularly but we do find them from time to time.  Not all systems have pressurized cylinders like the one pictured below, but when they do, it should be easier for an end user to catch should they be looking as they pass by.


This system did not discharge, but simply had some issue and leaked off.  Its a 2018 unit and has had semi annual inspections since installation.  Its under warranty from the manufacturer and they will replace the cylinder as well.   If there had been a fire, this system would have operated…shut the fuel down, turned off appliances that may have been tied to it electrically, set off any tied in fire alarm and dialed out if monitored…but no suppression agent (or at best very minimal if still some pressure existed) on to the appliance to suppress the fire.  This fire would have burned away most likely until perhaps the fire dept was called to the scene.   These fire on appliances in a kitchen can get out of control very quick and have devastating affects.  If in a strip mall, this would put all businesses and patrons as well as employees at risk, as well as the livelihoods of the businesses that operated there.  These kitchen fire systems are required every six months to have inspections, and parts replaced regularly like fuse links and nozzle caps/seals as per brand that is installed.  This is such a minimal cost and protects all involved that we felt the need to bring the matter up to educate anyone that needs to know or for others just how it all works.

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