2021 new year General Fire

As we finish up this very interesting year with COVID and some storms we have had in the Midwest, as well as a few family and friends that dealt with COVID, we at General Fire & Safety in Des Moines are very grateful to have “weathered the storm”.  We hopefully will be able to start out the new year 2021 with a bright light on the horizon and vaccines well underway to the masses.  Things are getting back to normal more and more and our hopes for all are that this continues.  Not sure how “normal” things will look for the next year or even for years to come, but we can only work towards that goal and hope that by our efforts and the vaccines, that COVID will only be a memory in Dec 2021.

Our best wishes for a very Merry Christmas to all and hopefully you will be spending your holidays with family and loved ones.

Thanks to all who help to make our organization great!

Stay Safe…