Products and Services


Hood Cleaning – Bare Metal Standard

State of the art exhaust cleaning with our patent pending technology. We are able to clean/remove grease from the roof top fan unit, down thru the exhaust duct and the hood/plenum area.

There are NO “inaccessible areas” with our service and we can remove grease from the complete exhaust system.  Our equipment can pull itself horizontally through every twist and turn in the duct system and go up or down a system  as far as necessary.  Our process will get the grease removed down to 95% bare metal to insure the exhaust system is fire safe.

Amerex ABCs

Fire Extinguisher Sales and Maintenance 

We provide sales of mean different types of fire extinguishers from basic dry chemical ABC, CO2, K-Class, and Halon. We stand behind all of our products we sell and can service all types that we sale and provide the necessary maintenance and inspections per industry code.


SK 2

Fire Alarm Systems

We have conventional and addressable systems to serve various needs and requirements.  Our NICET certified staff members can assist in developing and building the appropriate system for you.  We service most all makes and models of alarm systems on the market today and can react quickly to any need you may have.


Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems 

We sell several of the major brands of suppression system to include Ansul, Amerex and RangeGuard.  We service most any system to comply with NFPA 17A and the IFC fire codes.

Personal Protective Equipment

Your employee safety program needs are one of the biggest items we have here at General Fire & Safety.  We can provide safety items such as eye, ear, head, hand, respiratory, fall, signs of all kinds and the list goes on and on.  We have most any brand you may need, so just contact us for any item and we’ll be happy to assist you.


First Aid 

Keep your employees safe with the new 1st aid standard that went into affect in 2016.  We have everything you will need to ensure that your 1st aid kit is compliant and with our mobile 1st aid van service, we can come right to your facility or job site to replenish any items that are low.   From small vehicle kits to small shop or large facility/job site, we can assist in your employee 1st aid program.


Special Hazards

  • Sensitive areas such as computer rooms or MRI
  • Paintbooths for automotive painting
  • CO2 for industrial area