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Special notice on FAN UNITS  maintenance!!

To the left you can see some video shot at one of our locations. We always make sure the site is well covered so all equipment stays clean when we are cleaning your hoods to the Bare Metal Standard!



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Grease Duct Cleaning ~ Hood Duct Cleaning ~ Exhaust Fan Cleaning

We’ll show you with videos and photos just what a difference our unique BARE METAL STANDARD® process for cleaning kitchen grease exhaust systems to bare metal can make. Click Here to see a first-hand video of how our system of clean will reduce your fire hazard and make your kitchen system truly BARE METAL STANDARD® clean.


Our process can remove this grease build up in the duct work of this restaurant duct work to a fire safe condition.  Our process allows for our equipment to pull itself through duct work where others can not.

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Celebrating 50 Years of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Excellence!

The team at Bare Metal Standard is celebrating 50 Years of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Excellence in 2015! With that age comes wisdom, which has provided Bare Metal Standard with a foundation of experience that will keep you, your community, and your property, protected to a level beyond any other industry competitor. We’ve built our business and our reputation on effectively caring for our customers to the very top level, so we’d love an opportunity to build a successful relationship with you.

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Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning

We offer over 50 years cleaning kitchen grease exhaust systems with our BARE METAL STANDARD® cleaning service. We not only take away your worries of fire hazard and fulfill the recommendation of periodic cleanings based on NFPA 96 Guidelines, we simply clean better, are in and out faster, and leave your kitchen exhaust system cleaned to a standard that exceeds the NFPA. We’ve spent years developing our cleaning system and now we have a network of partners in place that are prepared to take away your worries. We’d like to use our experience and process to clean your kitchen grease exhaust system BARE METAL STANDARD® clean.
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The BARE METAL STANDARD® Clean Difference

There is a vast difference in how companies clean and maintain kitchen grease exhaust systems. We originally developed BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning service in the 1980’s, as our high standard of a “clean” system. Simply put, when we return your system to bare metal using our proprietary process that ensures no flammable grease residue exists inside your system, then – and only then – do we deem your system clean and fire-safe.

Through the years, BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning service has become our brand standard that defines how we do business. It’s not only reflected in how we clean, but in the professionalism that can be expected from our technicians and the scheduling of facilities that takes away customers’ worries and ensures peace of mind.
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The before and after pictures of our Bare Metal Standard process.  No job is to complicated for our folks to get you fire safe!!  Don’t let anyone tell you that there is inaccessible areas of your system when the Bare Metal Standard can and will get you “fire safe”!

Contact our office for additional information on kitchen hood exhaust cleaning or to simply request service at 515.265.3206 or email us at generalfiredsm@gmail.com and we will respond quickly to your need.

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State of Iowa Fire Marshall and local fire code calls for periodic inspection and cleaning of exhaust system to include the hood, all of the duct network and roof top fan unit, per IFC 609.3.3 and the Des Moines Fire Prevention Bureaus  FPB Policy 2010-5 (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD).

General Fire & Safety’s Bare Metal Standard division can do this for you now, please call on us at 515.265.3206

General Fire’s Bare Metal Standard division operates as a Bare Metal Standard franchisee


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